I am now booking indoor (studio sessions) and outdoor (on location) sessions for summer and fall (2021). Please call or email me for availability. Please note weekend availability books up fast. Contact me Today to secure your session date!

Your session can be shot either on location or in a studio setting. While it is important to choose a time of the day that your child is happiest, keep in mind that for an outdoor session, light is ideal before 11:00am or after 2:00pm. If we are shooting on location indoors, we will choose a room that has ample sunlight filtering through. I do have portable studio lighting and backdrops for on location sessions if needed. Most (on location) sessions will last anywhere from 1-2 hours. Most studio sessions will last about 1 hour.

I work by appointment only. I make every effort to accommodate your schedule. Contact me to set up a consultation. You must be over 18 or accompanied by an adult.

Contact me for a customized price quote. The prices on this website are based on a basic session. Session prices very depending on your desired shoot, number of people, number of clothing changes, desired proofs and location.



Reserving Your Child or Family Portrait Sessions
It's best to reserve your session as soon as you have decided to be photographed by Shanna Koltz. Our studio schedules portrait sessions three to four weeks in advance depending on the season. To reserve your portrait session a non-refundable retainer of $50 is required. This retainer will be applied to the session fee. The balance is due on your portrait day.

How should I be prepared for my session?
Clothing: Solid colors photograph best for traditional style portraits. Prints patterns and logos tend to be distracting but will work with a more stylized image. Bring both types of clothing for a variety. Long sleeves look best in a portrait because arms tend to be distracting in a photograph It's best to bring along a combination of casual and formal looks for variety images. Bring your favorite pieces clothing and make sure you are comfortable.

Be expressive with your clothing and have fun!
My opinion on clothing is that it should compliment your overall theme. It used to be believed that portraits should be as timeless as possible, my opinion on clean lines and solid colors is that it works. However, it is more fun to use lots of color, patterns and style! Fun and trendy is in. Think layers, patterns, textures, hats, accessories...and should you need some inspiration try H&M for kids, Crew Cuts (J Crew Kids), Gap Kids, Janie & Jack, Oilily..the list goes on. As long as there is a plan your photos should look great. Lay the outfits out your bed and see how they look next to each together. I also encourage those with big imaginations to pull out their fairy wings, big rubber rain boots, floppy hats and even moms costume jewelry. Bare feet are always preferred with children and for babies there's nothing better than their birthday suit.

Think of your image as art.
Where do you plan on hanging the finished photos? It is important that your concept and coloring coordinates with your home decor.

Think of a concept for your shoot.
We need to talk about clothing before your session so that I have coordinating backdrops and props (if shooting in studio) and so we pick an appropriate location if shooting on location. Please be sure to Contact me for a "styling consult" before your scheduled shoot.

Hair, skin and makeup.
Girls should wear light evening makeup. A light application of foundation covers minor complexion problems (even for guys). Simple blemishes will be removed with retouching which is included in all of my sessions (not just senior portraits) Serious skin problems can be corrected digitally Hair should be styled nicely. Bring along clips and bands for additional hair styles Guys, please remember to shave just before your session. Your hands and fingernails (sometimes feet) will be in the pictures. Make sure they are manicured. Teeth... I do not believe in editing out braces. Please talk to me about this if it is important to you before your session.

Please bring along personal interest & hobby materials to use as props. Cell phones, ipods, books, snowboarding gear, whatever your into! This will really personalize your session.

You want an outdoor session but......
You are not really into the park..... That's okay. Any place you can dream up, I can photograph. When your picking your location think about where you spend most of your time and what your hobbies and interest are. If your your on the swim team we can photograph at a pool, if your into sports we'll take it to the field. If you like just hanging out in your car then we'll photograph you and your car all over various spots in Green Bay. Really the sky is the limit. I'm always up for the challenge!



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